Indie Author Marketing Guide: Google Plus

Google Plus is a social media platform that is not as talked about as Facebook or Twitter, but can be very important, depending on your niche.

Google Plus Basics

For those who may not be too familiar with Google Plus, here are a few of the basics. First, you fill out a profile, with a picture, a cover image, and whatever information you feel comfortable sharing about yourself. After you create a personal profile, you can create a business profile, or page, such as the one for my side project, I Know Dino. Continue reading

Ebook Review: Free Money

Free_Money_coverFree Money by Barry Vass

Jimmy Spencer, a floorman at a major Las Vegas casino, receives a phone call from an old friend about a sure-fire gambling system he’s developed called “Free Money.”

After a quick visit and tutoring from his friend, Jimmy returns to Vegas and begins dabbling in the Free Money System.

And he wins. Hundreds of dollars at first, then thousands, then tens of thousands. The potential for vast amounts of “Free Money” seems palpable.

But nothing is ever free. As he wins more and more money, Jimmy feels himself being stalked by various underworld thugs and terrorists. His old friend ends up dead.

Surrounded by FBI agents and ultimately pressured to go into the Witness Protection Program, Jimmy realizes that he has to find a way out of the system.

And the chase is on…

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Indie Authors: Expanding Your Content

Writing and publishing a book is a great accomplishment, but it doesn’t have to end there. Books can be spliced, expanded, and distributed in new and multiple ways online.

Gordon Burgett wrote about how to multiple a book’s sales by turning it into six books. It works easily with non-fiction books, where you can separate the book by topic and publish mini versions (of just the topic). Each of these smaller books can help fuel the sales of the other books. Gordon’s example is for his book, How to Sell 75+ of Your Freelance Writing Almost All of the Time, which has the following topics:

  1. Why just sell your writing (idea) once? Why not sell it again and again, then once more—and once again…?

  2. Magazines and Newspapers: two magic systems with lots of sales in each

  3. Books: sell the original in 11 different formats and each of those in six ebooks

  4. Niche Publishing: where the gold is hiding in book publishing

  5. Topic-spoking: one idea exploded, then filtered through the hungriest buyers

  6. The roll-out: once the copy exists, why not make a lot more money from the idea by six other non-print information dissemination means?

But extracting topics from a book is not the only way to expand upon content. David Wilcockson wrote on Digital Book World about “modularity.” This means content in books can be regrouped and reimagined in ways to reach new audiences. Examples include expanding upon recipes, building communities around topics, and building apps, websites, and more.

What are ways you have or have thought of expanding upon your content? Please share in the comments!

Ebook Review: A Fate Worse Than Beath

Beath_Cover22-662x1024A Fate Worse Than Beath (Book 2 of Zombie RiZing) by Matt Pike

After surviving another heart racing day in Zombie RiZing, Beath and the gang are now stuck a long way from home. Worse still, it’s the middle of the night and things have escalated. Now it’s not just Zombies (grunts) they’ll have to look out for, it’s giants, other, smarter zombies and some seriously nasty looking flying things!
The gang is going to need to seriously level-up their zombie fighting skills and magic powers if they’ve got any hope of surviving long enough to find food.
And that’s not to mention Sonny’s flatulence, which… actually can we not ever mention Sonny’s butt bugle again. There, that’s better.

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An Interview with Barbara Stark-Nemon, author of Even in Darkness

Even in Darkness

Barbara Stark-Nemon is the author of Even in Darkness, an historical fiction novel. Here is the official description:

Spanning a century and three continents, Even in Darkness tells the story of Kläre Kohler, whose early years as a dutiful daughter of a prosperous German-Jewish family hardly anticipate the often-harrowing life she faces as an adult—a saga of family, a lover, two world wars, a concentration camp and the unconventional life she builds in post-war Germany. As the world changes around her, Kläre makes boundary-crossing choices in order to protect the people she loves—and to save herself. Based on a true story, Even in Darkness highlights the intimate experience of Kläre’s reinvention as she faces the destruction of life as she knew it, and traces her path beyond survival to wisdom, meaning, and—most unexpectedly—love.

Read on for Stark-Nemon’s interview, as well as an excerpt from the book. Continue reading

A Look at Interactive Ebooks

Interactive, multimedia ebooks are starting to gain some traction. In addition to embedding audio and video, some ebook creators are experimenting with game elements, using GPS, and adding activities. Continue reading

Social Reading and Writing

Ebooks open up a whole range of possibilities, from how people consume stories to how they talk about books they’ve read, and even how they find new works to read. Because ebooks are digital, authors and readers have many opportunities to be social with their books. Continue reading

Ebook Review: The Book of I

The Book of IThe Book of I by Jorge Armenteros

The Book of I is the story of Teaston, a painter struggling with schizophrenia, who finds himself at the edge of a cliff, at the edge of his life. Set in the seaside village of Cassis, in the south of France, the novel explores our fragmented human nature through the distorted lens that Teaston provides.

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Indie Authors: Using Collaboration Tools

Indie authors have a lot of options when it comes to the tools they work with, and nowadays there are more and more tools that allow for productive collaboration. Below are just a few: Continue reading

Indie Authors: Digital Comics

Novels, children picture books, and even cookbooks are often discussed in the digital publishing realm, but another type of book is gaining more prominence: comic books. Continue reading