Twitter is Taking Over My Life

That’s not a terrible thing. I am, after all, in a graduate publishing program and Twitter is a huge part of marketing these days. But finals week starts in T-minus 6 days, and instead of hitting the books, I’ve been tweeting. Not that procrastination is new to me, but usually right about now is when I’d have the cleanest apartment in the world, with everything neatly organized, and I’d probably be cooking too. Something healthy. And then getting other stuff done that has suddenly become pressing. Like picking up my package at the post office. Or doing day-old laundry.

But no, instead I have spent most of today tweeting, and thinking about my finals next week, I’m already kicking myself. So what to do? Blog about it, of course! I’ve found some interesting tweets and links today, so I thought I’d share (and I’ll try not to hashtag here, but I warn you, it’s going to be hard to resist).

First, take that Prop 8 advocates! Thanks to @BreakingNews, I found out that Reproductive Scientists Created Mice From Two Fathers

Also, boo Germany! @BobFartall let me know that German Police Seized a Marijuana Christmas Tree

And, gasp! Cash Cab isn’t real?!? @TheMikePhilips posted that all contestants are cast ahead of time. There goes my dream of catching a cab and getting to meet Ben Bailey and feeling super smart and cool for showing off my trivia knowledge on television (I’ve been practicing with Jeopardy, see my post “What I Learned at LIFE this Week“). Cash Cab is totally fake. See also Dreams = Shattered

#WhyIRead was trending and one of my favorite tweets was from @brubaker, “I read because I write, and you can’t do one without the other.” I myself tweeted, “I enjoy it, plain and simple. Plus, someone’s got to appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears some solitary/lonely writer shed.” Shout out to writers! I appreciate you, and I know how painful it can be!

Well, that’s all I care to share. There were a lot more tweets in between, but nothing of much interest and it’s bad enough I share so much on Twitter, so why re-share it here?

If you have time, you should check out this entertaining YouTube video, which I didn’t get from Twitter, I swear! My friend Valerie sent it to me, so you should check out her blog, Pizza Please–she’s got lots of cool photos there, plus good coverage and stories about living in Bologna, Italy.


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