12/12/10: This Week in Publishing

In Scandanavia, readers and libraries want more e-books and are getting e-books from other countries. But publishers distrust libraries, thinking they help piracy, and they are facing a dilemma with pricing and copyright protection.

SCANDINAVIA: e-Book market uncertainty

Even though there’s a lot of news about more schools using e-textbooks, a recent study shows that e-textbook sales are actually still low.

US: Despite the hype, e-textbook sales remain low

Still, e-books are making an impact. Print book sales are declining, down 8 percent in September, and nearly 4,000 independent bookstores have shut down since the 1990s. Several well-established indie bookstores had to close this week in Minnesota.

Local bookstores fall to ‘e-book revolution’

Despite what the New York Times said, publishers and BookScan figures prove that children’s picture books are still popular and thriving, representing more than 10% of the children’s market overall–which is the same as in 2005.

Don’t Write the Obit For Picture Books Yet

Just for fun, here’s a breakdown of how one writer managed to fool his editor’s into thinking he’d read and reviewed a book that hadn’t been published yet. The Onion’s A.V. Club has since apologized.

How to Review a Book Without Reading It

Lastly, Angry Birds recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and its popularity has suggested a larger shift in entertainment and in the kinds of brands that can win wide popularity.

Angry Birds, Flocking to Cellphones Everywhere


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