My Last Day at LIFE

Yes, sadly friends, I no longer work at LIFE anymore. But on the bright side, I will be working at Random House next semester, as an editorial intern for Wendy Lamb books!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share some highlights of my last day at LIFE.

First, I finally got to write for LIFE! One of these days, galleries for Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Sandra Bullock at their hottest will be published, and you will see some quality writing. I’ll keep checking and then post links once they’re up.

Also, I got to listen to a lot of Christmas carols. Down the hall, one of Time Inc.’s many editorial staffs were having their Christmas party, which I hope, involved lots of alcohol. There was merriment and singing, and of course games. After their party ended, I found one of their survey games, which involved giving a hint about someone’s life (presumably someone on their staff), so everyone else had to guess who they were. Here was the best one:

I once helped Steve Tyler of Aerosmith try on all the women’s clothes in the store I worked at. Who am I?

Working at LIFE can be quiet sometimes, and today, the sounds of all of us typing were accompanied by loud, slurred Christmas carols. Since they were down the hall, their songs echoed, which sounded a little creepy. One of my co-workers commented, “it sounds like they’re going to march down the hall and massacre us.”

At lunch, I went to my usual place, Pranzo Deli. Over the past five months, I think I’ve managed to make an impression on the people who work there. Or at least, I think they remember me. At any rate, they always give me a familiar smile. Today, I happened to be wearing my Daily Nexus sweatshirt. It’s my warmest hoodie, and when I only have to walk five feet in the cold for lunch, I don’t like to get completely bundled up. Today, the woman at the counter smiled at me (with recognition) and asked where I worked. Before I had a chance to respond, she said, “Oh, Daily Nexus,” and nodded with approval.

The last thing I did at LIFE today was work on a Dick Van Dyke Life and Times gallery. There’s a long list of celebrity galleries that need to be built, and I chose him. So you’re welcome, Dick Van Dyke.


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