This Week in Publishing

Penguin Group is embracing new technologies. They’ve started a TV and Radio Satellite Media Tours department, so that they can “produce TV and radio satellite tours for Penguin authors,” according to Publisher’s Weekly.

Penguin Brings TV, Radio Satellite Tours In-House

Amazon has been working to make it easier and more profitable for authors to self-publish. New features, such as being able to like a book on Facebook, see all the BookScan info, import blogs, and set up the Kindle store, have all made it easy for authors to market and sell their books. Will this eventually bring an end to traditional publishers?

First Amazon Took Down Booksellers…Are Publishers Next?

The European Union is worried about Google, but then so are many publishers. Google has already scanned and made deals with 15 million books, and the EU is concerned that private companies will take over books and enter them into a “digital dark age.”

Report warns of ‘digital Dark Age’ if digitisation is left to private sector



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