This Week in Publishing

Photo by Toby Hudson, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The next big step for e-books seems to be its lending capabilities. Up until recently, e-books could not be lent to friends, at least not without many restrictions, and it was a huge drawback compared to print books, which could be easily shared. But a New Jersey-based company, BookSwim, will be changing all that soon. Known as the “Netflix of books” with its print book rentals, the company will soon be launching, “a virtual “e-book swap” that will facilitate the direct lending of e-books between consumers using the lending features enabled by platforms like the Kindle, and the Nook.”

BookSwim Plans E-Book Lending Site

And now on to Amazon. The company is suing the state of Texas because Texas has said Amazon owes $269 million in taxes, “due for products sold from Amazon’s Dallas area distribution center.”

Amazon sues Texas for demanding $269M in taxes

Lastly, Amazon has changed the name of its self-publishing e-book platform from “Amazon’s Kindle Digital Text Platform” to “Kindle Direct Publishing.” None of the services have changed, and in the big scheme of things it doesn’t mean much. Additionally, Amazon has “extended its 70% royalty rate on Kindle books to Canada.” Good news for Canadian authors!

Amazon Renames Kindle Digital Text Platform


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