853 Books

Take a good look. This is what 853 books looks like. My own personal library, full of YA and picture books, with a few adult books as well. Ah, the benefits of interning at Random House.

Actually, I was just working in the right place at the right time. Random House was in the process of moving to smaller offices, which meant everyone had to shrink their inventories, which meant for the four months I worked there, each day tens of take-away shelves were full of hundreds and hundreds of books on each floor of the building. And I was allowed to take whatever I wanted. To quote a friend, “I was living a book nerd’s wet dream.”

For a couple months, 853 books took up half my basement. And now, I have sorted through them all, and soon I will mail many of them to a few deserving friends and family. *Sigh* Maybe one day I’ll be rich and have my own library in my house. In the meantime, I have my memories, and a few delightful photos.

Best internship. Ever.


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