BEA Day 3: Swag

Today was the third and last day of BEA. At 2:30 p.m., all the exhibitors shut down and started giving away their display copies, which meant I (and everyone else in the Jacob Javits Center) got a lot of stuff. In addition to books, I picked up posters, pencils, bags, and even a coupon for a Gotham Writers Workshop.

One thing I have learned these past three days is just how powerful blogging can be. I highly recommend it. Not only are you free to share your thoughts, you are also (if you write a quality blog) making people take you more seriously. I started this blog almost one year ago, as a way to share useful information I learn at my NYU program. And now, because of this blog, I was given the opportunity to attend BEA, and while at BEA, I was able to meet with some very enthusiastic publishers and website developers and learn even more about the book industry. Today, I stopped by Quirk Books–the publisher of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies–and I was offered books to review. I now have their Fall 2011 catalogue and am looking into doing occasional book reviews. So check back soon. In the next few weeks this site will be revamped, and will probably include some book reviews!


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