Publishing Quotes

A few tidbits I’ve picked up from my NYU classes:

  • “In this industry, everyone is always wrong.”
  • “Books are so individual to a moment in time, place, what’s happening in the public consciousness that it’s impossible to predict”
  • “Holistic marketing is key to the success of the launch of any product”
  • “Bloggers are a great influential segment accessible to a more modestly resourced segment”
  • The most telling consumer question is, “Would you recommend this to a friend?”
  • “You tend to move forward in technology and stay there”
  • “Strategy is very important”
  • Don’t be so fixated and proud of your product, that you lose sight of your purpose/your ideas
  • At the end of the day, instead of focusing on product, focus on becoming consumer-creating and customer-satisfying organizations.
  • Guerilla marketing is an infinitely scalable kind of marketing strategy
  • Don’t try to deceive people when marketing

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