Three Innovative Companies: WordPivot,, and Bibliocrunch

A big part of BEA is walking around the showroom and meeting new exhibitors. This year, I got to meet the founders of two new companies, WordPivot and, as well as reconnect with a friend and NYU alum, Miral Sittar, who is the founder and CEO of Bibliocrunch

WordPivot: I met the founder and CEO of WordPivot, Brendan, through the founder of Mobnotate. Basically, WordPivot is an innovative way of helping people expand on their vocabulary and learn the nuances of the English language. It’s more than a study guide though, and it’s actually a fascinating topic. The company is based in San Diego, so one day when I go back to California I hope to learn more. They call themselves the “mobile platform for publishers.” They generate QR codes that publishers can use to put on the back of their physical books or inside an ebook. Readers can then scan the code and be taken to a website where publishers can add extra material to each book. I’m not sure how many readers use QR codes, but the technology will also be used for other industries. I was told may be in talks with Kraft.

Bibliocrunch: Founded by friend and fellow NYU alum, Bibliocrunch is the “craigslist for for e-book publishing.” But it’s better, because each of the 500+ professionals already in the network have been personally vetted and vouched for. So anyone who uses the service can find individuals who can help them edit, copy-edit, convert, and market their ebooks.


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