PubSlush Press: Platform, Publisher, and Partner

First off, PubSlush is a great name. But what do they do? Well, a lot of things.

First, you sign up to use them as a platform. Then you crowdsource funding/support. Once you have 1,000 people who have pre-ordered your book, PubSlush becomes your publishers. They edit, they design the cover, they market. They even give you large royalties. And once your book is in print and in digital, they donate a copy to Flying Kites, a non-profit organization that promotes literacy among children living in poverty.

They are a cause-driven organization, run by very energetic, enthusiastic, and super-friendly people. At their booth at BEA, I got to meet one of the authors who is close to be fully funded. Her name is Ali Berlinski, and her book is called A Beautiful Mess. You can read an excerpt on PubSlush and comment, and while you’re at it, you should pledge the $10 pre-order (she’s so close!) Plus, if you vote, you get to have a say in the cover art. You also get mentioned in the book, and you have the chance to win a trip to go with PubSlush to Kenya and give books to Flying Kites.

PubSlush is like Kickstarter meets small publishing house, plus they work with charities. It’s a new way of approaching publishing, and I think it works well. Read more on their blog!


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