5 Replies to “ONIX and Metadata”

    1. Well, a couple things. Support for ONIX 2.1 will be reduced in the near(ish) future, so eventually I think most publishers will switch to ONIX 3.0. In the meantime, obviously 3.0 seems like it would do a better job, but I don’t think the disinterest in moving on from ONIX 2.1 is as big a detriment as having inaccurate metadata or metadata that is not updated regularly (or even just a lack of metadata). That said, ONIX 3.0 is better for ebooks, which will make up ~50% of sales in a couple years, and it’s better for online marketing materials, which help drive discovery. So it is in the publishing industry’s best interest to work with this new release; unfortunately the majority of the book publishing industry seems afraid to experiment and slow to try new digital methods/channels. I think now is more important than ever to help drive book and ebook discovery, since books have to compete against websites, games, music, videos, and other content it didn’t have to worry about before. Every little bit helps, and not embracing ONIX 3.0 may set books back.

      What do you think?

      1. @musingsandmarvels
        Sorry, I just saw your reply…

        While we can always offer praise that supporting an old standard is better than not supporting any standard, it still gives me pause to ponder the lack of support for ONIX 3.0, which as you note has “eight key differences from ONIX 2.0.”

        Two issues impact the decision:
        1. While the described differences of ONIX 3.0 sound sufficiently important to warrant their adoption, perhaps their impact on sales would be insignificant…

        The would certainly be insignificant because as far as I can determine
        2. None of the ebook resellers even handles ONIX 3 — Barnes & Noble plans to “soon”.

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