Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a powerful social media marketing tool. Since this is a blog about publishing, and social media is both a form of publishing and a huge part of marketing in the publishing industry, it seems relevant to share what I learned from a webinar on Pinterest, presented by Entrepreneuress Academy

On Pinterest, you can create boards by category or theme and “pin” items on them. Pins can be links, pictures, and even videos. Pinterest is a great marketing tool, not only because of its visual nature, but also because it lends itself to virality. Follow people, repin their items, build a following, and then watch as other people repin your links and increase traffic to your site.

Below are some useful tips for getting the most out of Pinterest:

  • use captions to share results and testimonials
  • pin things that are inspiring or useful
  • use in a way no one else is using it (for example, a “pin it to win it contest”, where you encourage repins to win something)
  • try (use for quotes, which are good to incorporate the lifestyle and culture of a business/brand)
  • use keywords and SEO in captions
  • put links in captions
  • have a call to action (for example, “click here to learn how blah blah”)
  • add a Pinterest follow button on your website
  • post a link on your Facebook page
  • email your list the Pinterest link
  • use your Pinterest profile to explain your business
  • pin videos (you can use videos of yourself as a platform to build expertise and credibility)
  • create a media board, where you pin links to media articles or reviews of your business, product, or brand
I’m trying out some of these techniques for my new startup, Write or Read. If all goes well, I will post my results!

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