Pinterest Pins (an update)

A few weeks ago, I posted some tips I had learned about gaining traction on Pinterest. So now I’m going to follow up with a few of my observations, based on my personal experience:

  • fashion pins are the most likely pins to go viral
  • using hashtags can help, but it depends on the tags you use
  • Pinterest doesn’t like when you add shortened links (such as

I tried at first to add links because then I could track if anyone was clicking them. However, Pinterest only likes original links, and considers shortened links to be spam. If you try to use shortened links, your account will be suspended (at least one hour)

I’m still working on building a following on Pinterest, but I did find another helpful list of tips on the Huffington Post. This includes

  • turning your content into infographics
  • using guest pinner boards
  • pinning videos
  • uploading your presentation materials
  • introducing team members
  • creating customer boards
  • having coupon graphics, and
  • making a FAQ board for working for your company.

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