New Ways of Storytelling

Technology is exciting, and it makes it possible to find innovative ways to tell stories. I’ve found a few companies/sites that are experimenting with the way people share their stories.

  1. Cowbird: lets you tell stories that fit in to one word categories via pictures of videos.
  2. FacebookStories: shows off interesting ways people use Facebook.
  3. Javascript book review: Robin Sloan, a writer and media inventor in California, recently wrote a book review in Javascript. You can follow along with the video and type Javascript code in to the browser, and then see the review (pictured above).
  4. Apocalypsis: Bastei Entertainment created Apocalypsis, a serialized multimedia web novel that released in Germany over the course of 12 weeks. Each week, a new episode (similar to chapter) was published as an e-book and an app, with different prices for single episodes and bundles.

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