Other Self-Publishing Tips

Self-publishing can be a challenge. To do it successfully, you basically run the business of you. Below are some additional things, aside from the writing, editing, marketing, and conversion, to keep in mind.

Self-Publish Writers Group

If you’re struggling, or even if you’re not, join a self-publishing support group. This can be an online forum, or even a meetup group, such as the Global Writers Society.

Writing Process

Before you write, create an outline. The more you plan, the easier it will be to finish your book, especially during those pesky middle chapters.

When you write, try not to get distracted. Use writing tools such as Write or Die to keep you motivated.

Edit! You need both developmental and copy-editing to seem professional. Check out my posts on services for where to find editors. You can also try BiblioCrunch and WinningEdits.

Get beta readers. Ask friends and family to read your manuscript and give you some early feedback, even before you get an editor.


Copyright your work. It costs $35 online, but don’t bother doing it until after you’re published.


Sometimes agents can help with self-publishing. Find them using Agent Query or Argo Navis Author Services.


Try and win some awards. They will help you get exposure! Check out The Wishing Shelf, GlimmerTrain, and Book Awards for Self-Published Authors.

After Publication

Just because it’s published doesn’t mean you’re done. Experiment with pricing, keep your metadata updated, try new covers, etc. Follow up!


Don’t get too discouraged. Sure half of self-published authors earn less than $500, but part of self-publishing is the satisfaction of having a book.

Book launches can be a great way to celebrate your accomplishment and get word-of-mouth promotion. GetPublishedTV has a great video that demonstrates how to launch a book successfully.

There are also websites with advice for how to become a bestseller. BestSellerLabs has a list of articles and videos that can help you. Good luck!


2 Replies to “Other Self-Publishing Tips”

  1. This is great. Thank you! It can get lonely out there!

    Please find a link to my new book Mr Wrong- “a humorous and insightful exploration into how to learn from Mr Wrong and claim Mr Right.” It includes excerpts, information, perspectives and stories from both women and men. Anyone can contribute!

    dingdongitsmrwrong.WordPress.com 🙂

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