Write or Read is Launching!

Write Or ReadAfter nearly a year in the making, an alpha launch, and an initial user base of over 2,000 people, I’m happy to announce that my co-founder and I will be launching the public beta of Write or Read this month. 

If you aren’t already familiar with Write or Read, it is a subscription site for self-published e-books. Readers can pay a low monthly fee for access to a wide variety of indie titles, and writers can upload their e-books to the site for free, and get metrics and insights on their books. Analytics include basic demographics of readers (to help with target marketing), what percentage of a book is read, and how quickly people are reading books. All of the information is anonymous, and it will help authors be more successful as self-publishers. In addition, we will be paying authors based on the number of page views they get for their books.

We have big plans for additional features to roll out later this year, but in the meantime if you’re interested, please sign up at our website so we can let you know when the site is officially up and running.

We will also be exhibiting at NY Tech Day on April 25, so if you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello!



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