The Udemy Platform and Coupon Codes

Udemy is a popular online learning platform that was launched in 2010. According to the site, you can learn real skills from real experts. Anyone can sign up for courses on topics ranging from photography to golf to e-books. And on the flip side, anyone can create a course in their field of expertise. However, Udemy only wants high quality courses that contain mostly videos, which makes sense because that will give the most value to Udemy students.

Once instructors have created their courses on Udemy, it is mostly up to them to market it and attract new students. One of the best ways is to offer a discount with an Udemy coupon. Although some Udemy courses are always offered for free, a few instructors have advised that it’s better to create coupons that either offer a steep discount or make the course free. This makes the Udemy course seem more appealing and valuable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that reviews and Udemy coupons go hand in hand. Social proof, or having other students vouch for the quality of your product, will help you attract more students. To get early reviews, many Udemy instructors have advised creating Udemy coupons that make your course free, and then sending it out to friends and family so they can try the course and leave a review.

There are many ways to promote Udemy coupons. In the interest of full disclosure, I have recently published my first Udemy course, How to Create Beautiful E-Books, and am in the process of using these techniques.

The first step for promoting Udemy course discounts is to research your niche and find communities of people who are interested in your topic. You can do this via a Google keywords search, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Yahoo! groups, and more. Once you join a group, you can then write a post that promotes your Udemy course and Udemy coupon; however, it’s important not to be a blatant advertisement. Instead, make sure you are offering these groups something of value.

Other online sites where you can promote your Udemy course discount are Twitter, Dealnews, Adobe Education Exchange, and Reddit. Some Udemy instructors have shared that Reddit works best when the Udemy coupon makes the course free.

You can also find bloggers who write about your niche and give them an Udemy coupon so they can check out your course, write a review and/or pass it along to their subscribers.

Building your own email list is also important. If you have a blog or website, you can use an Udemy widget to attract students. Or if you already have a list, you can simply send out an Udemy coupon and ask your subscribers to share.

And lastly, include a link to your Udemy course with a coupon code in your email signature, so anyone you email will be aware of your course. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, please let me know in the comments!


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