Transmedia Story Stream: Don’t read a book–play it!

I’ve covered it before, but with new technologies the possibilities for transmedia stories are endless. Even TV shows, such as How I Met Your Mother have gotten into transmedia (I’m actually working on a short ebook about it), and now authors have a new platform they can use to easily expand the worlds of their stories: Transmedia Story Stream.

CEO of Kazap Company and Transmedia Producer, Karen Snyder, is acting as Lead Visionary and UI Designer for the Transmedia Story Stream platform, which is being billed as the Zynga of ebooks. It’s a “revolutionary platform which blends Facebook video game mechanics with ebooks to allow authors to build, distribute and engage fans in multi-media story worlds.”

Karen has a lot of experience with transmedia. In fact I interviewed her a while back on her  The Elements Club and KYS Realm (See “KYS Realm and Transmedia, the Future of Storytelling“).

Looking at the website, I’m very excited about this new transmedia platform. The site is built on top of Pubsoft’s HTML 5 secure streaming platform. Features include allowing authors to engage directly with their audience, add interactivity and games, and create multimedia extensions.

Today marks the launch of Transmedia Story Stream on Indie Go Go. The goal is to raise $15,000 in the next 30 days. So join me in supporting the future of storytelling! Add your contribution at


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