New Year = New Websites

It seems like at the beginning of every new year (at least for the past three years), I suddenly get sick of the way my websites look and spend a week or two obsessively redesigning. Well, it’s that time again, and I’m proud to say I have a few new websites in addition to some prettier websites–hopefully these will help out anyone interested in my work!

So here’s a little more on what I did, and what you can expect from me this year. Hint: it involves ebooks and dinosaurs.

New Sites

Make Beautiful Ebooks: This site gives you all the information about my “how to ebook” courses and ebooks. Use them to learn how to create your own ebooks. Currently I teach classes on Udemy and Skillshare, and I’ll be adding new courses over the next few months.

Ebook Conversion Services: Don’t want to DIY? Then hire me to convert your ebook. This site showcases some of my work and tells you more about my services. My specialties include complex and fixed format ebooks.

Revamped Sites My author site, redesigned to make it easier to find my articles, books, and free stories. It’s also where I post updates on my writing.

I Know Dino: A site I co-created for all things dinosaur. Later this year we’ll be launching a podcast, some short nonfiction ebooks, and a resource section for as many dinosaur species as we can research.

Other Sites

Digital Pubbing Resources: An older, but still useful site. It’s a collection of bookmarked sites that help indie authors.

Dinosaur Series: A site where you can read excerpts from my upcoming dinosaur fantasy series. It’s not quite finished, but at least you can get an idea of where I’m going with the story :).

Please, enjoy!


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