New Ebook for HIMYM Fans: How I Met Your Media


A couple weeks ago, something sad yet probably overdue happened: How I Met Your Mother ended its 9-year run.The series was so well-done, it attracted many loyal fans, including me. To help celebrate the ending of this great show, I wrote a short ebook about what made HIMYM stand out from all the other comedy shows on air. If you enjoyed all the websites, books, social media accounts, and all the other transmedia extras that extended the show off the air, then my book is for you. Here’s the official description:

“Because sometimes even if you know how something’s gonna end that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride” —Ted Mosby,  “Monday Night Football,” Season 2, Episode 14

The well-loved show How I Met Your Mother ended its 9-year run on TV, but its story is far from over. In an age where people are addicted to multitasking and most adults feel disconnection anxiety when separated from their smartphones, HIMYM rose to success by embracing new ways to engage its loyal fans that will last well after the series finale.

With technology so pervasive and viewers looking for ways to digitally connect with fellow TV show fans, HIMYMcreated effective transmedia elements, ensuring the show’s relevancy in a culture with shorter attention spans that increasingly demands more content and options. These elements kept interest in HIMYM before, during, and after the episodes have aired.

The show’s efforts are paying off, even now that HIMYMhas ended. HIMYM’s fan culture is so strong it has given rise to annual events like International Suit Up Day.

And thanks to the trend of binge watching shows on demand, the strong, witty writing will continue to increase HIMYM’s reach and stickiness. The Lemon Law, The Platinum Rule, and The Mermaid Theory were more than clever dating rules—they seeped into pop culture and will be part of casual conversations, online and off, for years to come.

How I Met Your Media is everything you want to know about the carefully crafted websites, books, videos, blogs, social media accounts and more that made the show so special.

Purchase your copy today from Amazon! (Or any of the other major retailers.)


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