Joining Indie Publishing and Publishing Communities/Associations

As an indie author, a traditionally published writer, or even someone in the publishing industry, it can be really helpful to join communities and associations, whether for moral support, business support, or even just advice on what works. There are a number of associations to join. Below are a few, in no particular order:

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA): “The process of publishing can be confusing, complicated, and expensive; IBPA provides the support independent publishers and self-published authors need to make sense of it all.”

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): “A non-profit association for self-publishing writers, ALLi is quartered in London with members all over the world.”

The Independent Author NetworkThe Independent Author Network (IAN) is a community of authors who are self published or published by a small indie press. The members actively promote their books at social networking websites like Twitter, facebook, and etc.”

Author Alliance“Building a bridge between authors, publishers, and the reading community.”

Write Stuff Writers“There’s nothing better than being part of an active and expansive writing community. For those who become WriteStuff Club Members, their writing journey is enhanced with special opportunities and services.”

Association of American Publishers (AAP): *This one is more for publishing companies. “The future of publishing should be decided by publishers themselves. The most effective way you can address the greatest challenges and professional issues facing publishing today is by joining the nation’s largest publishers association, AAP.”

Byte the Book: “Byte the Book is a membership organisation with three main aims:

  • Assisting writers in getting published via agents and publishers or giving them the tools and contacts to help them self publish.
  • Educating all those in the business of publishing in the latest developments in technology.
  • Connecting both publishers and authors with other creative industries that can use their content.”

American Book Producers Association: “The American Book Producers Association was founded in 1980 as the trade association for independent book producers, also called packagers, in the United States and Canada. Members of this rapidly growing profession produce, from concept through finished product in all formats, a wide variety of titles for trade and other publishers as well as for corporations, non-profits, and other organizations.”

The Association of Publishers for Special Sales: “APSS will help you find new opportunities for profitable sales in non-traditional ways.”

The Society of Young Publishers“Established in 1949, the Society of Young Publishers is open to anyone in publishing or a related trade – or who is hoping to be soon.

The SYP was originally for under-35s, but it’s now open to anyone and caters especially for those with fewer than ten years’ publishing experience. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers, our aim is to help assist, inform and enthuse anyone trying to break into the industry or progress within it.

We organise a large number of events and publish a regular newsletter called InPrint. Some services, such as job ads, are available only to members.”


Do you know of any other communities worth joining? Please share in the comments!


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