Poetica, A New Editing Tool


Very recently, a new tool for editing called Poetica (that I’ve been waiting on for nearly two years, since I first heard about it at Books in Browsers) launched.

Poetica was created to bring the elegance and trust of paper editing to the digital world. As you can see in the image above, editors can add annotations, comments, and more in different colors. The interface is slick, and meant to promote a collaborative experience.

What’s really interesting is Poetica’s Chrome plugin, which helps to bridge work on Word, Google Drive, WordPress, and Gmail with Poetica. A user can install the plugin, use it to import work, edit the work in Poetica, and then send the document back to Word, Drive, WordPress, or Gmail.

Being at least two years in the making, the creators of Poetica have put a lot of thought into their program. It is clean, simple, and intuitive, and I believe free to use. I still plan on using Scrivener to write my drafts, but I’d like to give Poetica a shot when it comes to revising.

What do you think? What programs do you use to edit your work? Please share in the comments!


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