Ebook Review: Search Word Pro

Search Word ProSearch Word Pro Series by Paul Krupin 

Do you know enough about the latest social media marketing strategies, tactics, and tools to improve your success? Search Word Pro is a very specialized personal tool that helps you discover powerful and actionable information quick as a click. 

If you are going to have a transformative experience that dramatically improves your success today, the chances are very good it will come from the results you find using a search engine. Words have power. Knowledge is power. Click and it’s yours. 

*I received a review copy from the author.

Paul Krupin is the creator of the series, Search Word Pro, based on a book series called Magic Search Words and a patent he got ten years ago.

Krupin has been hard at work publishing this new series, which covers broad topics such as business, recreation, people, health, and the best of everything, as well as nice book marketing books for genres ranging from children’s to romance to cookbooks to memoir and more.

According to Krupin, even one letter can make a huge difference in terms of marketing success. His series is simple yet incredibly helpful. Basically, for each topic or genre, Krupin provides a number of keywords and phrases, along with links to searches for those keywords and phrases in search engines Google and Bing, as well as other sites such as Slideshare, Youtube, and Pinterest. All you have to do is click on the icon–Krupin also suggests bookmarking particularly useful pages of information.

This helps to cover all the preferences for reading and researching. Google and Bing tend to have more text-heavy results, whereas Slideshare has presentations, Youtube has videos, and Pinterest has images.

The search techniques used in these books is a time saver, and worth the price. Krupin’s goal is to pack each book with value, and he has been working on his process for about two years. Although on the surface it may seem like what this series offers is something you can do on your own, after trying out a couple of the books in the series, including the Romance Book Marketing, I can say that I think it’s still worth using because it makes the research process so much more efficient.

For example, with the Romance Book Marketing, a genre I know very little about, with a few clicks I found a lot of information on where to find romance book reviewers, book publicity tactics specifically for romance books, the best words to use on LinkedIn, examples of book marketing plans on Pinterest, email marketing secrets, and more.

Krupin also adds more tips to search for information online more effectively, such as how to search for specific document types, such as PDFs and how to eliminate unwanted results.

The most interesting aspect of the series is Krupin’s willingness to let his readers shape how the series evolves. At the end of his books he asks for the usual feedback, but also suggestions on what to cover next. He wants to help people as much as possible.

One of his books, Hiking the Washington, Krupin said he created by tracking the topics experts from the Intermountain Alpine Club at REI taught.

“I learned that I could then create a search sheet with keywords and search icons that would allow any coach or instructor to direct the use of the Internet and the education of the students taking the course in a way that has never been done before,” he said.

For future books, Krupin plans on speaking with professors and coaches who want to create tools to help them teach.


Genre: Nonfiction



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