How to Create a Fixed Format Ebook (Part 2): Adding Images


In my last post on creating fixed format ebooks, I covered how to set up your files in Sigil so that ereaders and tablets know to treat your ebook like a fixed format ebook. This post I’ll talk about how to treat images in picture ebooks.

First, you’ll want to make sure that your images are each 800 x 800 px wide. If you have a spread, make sure the width is 1600 px, and then edit the image. You’ll want to cut the image in half, so each that the left size is 800x and the right side is also 800 px wide.

Insert each image on the page it is supposed to appear on. For me, it was easiest to rename the images to whatever page they went on (such as page01.jpg, etc.).

In your CSS stylesheet, insert the following code:

img {

height: auto;

max-width: 100%;


It looks like this:


This will make the images appear at their normal size, 800 px by 800 px. Next, you’ll want to insert the image into each HTML page. In the code view of Sigil, it will look like this:


And that’s all you need to add images. Next post, I’ll cover how to add text and make sure it shows up at the exact spot on the page you want it to.



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