Publishing eBooks For Fun, Education, And Profit


By Brian Wu – SI Guides

Indie publishing means authors can focus on the niche subjects they are passionate about. Brian Wu, of SI Guides, shares insight on educating children with niche stories about illnesses.

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easier than ever for artists to create. Singers and song writers can create new music and connect directly with fans for feedback. Painters, sculptors, and crafters design unique creations that are available for sale online. Once again connecting their work directly with fans. No middle man required. It is the same for writers and we’ve seen an explosion in indie publishing as a result.

There are several thriving digital marketplaces for independently created eBooks, written by people who, for a variety of reasons, have shunned traditional publishing methodologies, striking out on their own. This is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it removes barriers to what has traditionally an exclusive club.

Let’s face it, under the old paradigm, unless you convince a well-connected agent to work with you or you’re lucky enough to know someone in the business, chances of getting published were slim to none. If you compare the number of manuscripts submitted each year with the number of new books released, then subtract titles by top tier authors, your chances are somewhat better than winning the lotto, but not by a lot. It’s a lesson in frustration.

Many of the subjects indie writers focus on are designed to appeal to smallish niches. Far outside the mainstream for traditional publishers to take a chance on. This kind of publishing is essentially “long tail” publication, and works the same way that long tail keyword marketing works in the realm of internet marketing.

logo5The good news is that there’s an opportunity in long tail. Our Storybook Illustrated Guides (Si Guides) mission, for example, is to craft stories around various children’s illnesses. The stories teach children about their condition, empowering them to conquer it. To be a part of the solution. We do that by painting a story for them with words and pictures of a little boy or girl with the same illness. We tell the story about how they became sick, what happened when the illness manifested itself, and the ways in which the children in the story were able to play an important role in beating it.

The twin engines of empowerment and entertainment are a compelling mix, striking a balance between a story that engages children, keeping them interested, while simultaneously filling the book with hard hitting, practical tips for symptom recognition, treatment, and management. We offer a way to educate the young minds, providing much needed assistance to their parents and caregivers.

The world of digital publishing has opened a great number of doors for legions of aspiring writers. Not everyone will find a market for their voice or for the stories they want to tell, but the fact that anyone can try is truly an inspiration of beauty that we’re proud to be a part of.

2011-10-04 10.16.04Brian W. Wu, founder of SiGuides, is currently a 7th year MD/PhD candidate on track to finish his PhD in 2014. While studying to become a Sports Medicine Physician, Wu continues to pursue his interests in writing and entrepreneurship.

Brian has a talent to write about complex medical topics on a level that children can comprehend, and believes children should be empowered with knowledge to understand medical conditions they acquire. He hopes that with this knowledge they can learn to take good care of themselves and lead full lives.

Brian values the ability for all ages to learn from the power of storytelling and wants to share his love of science and medicine with the world through the art. If he can help just one person then he knows the project has been worth the effort.

For more information about SiGuides or Brian Wu, visit or email


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