eBookStage, a New Marketing Tool for Authors


eBookStage is a new site that offers readers deals for their favorite ebooks. Indie authors can take advantage of the site by submitting their discounted or free ebooks, which eBookStage can help promote to its audience.

Daniel Weber, the co-founder and marketing manager at eBookStage, answered some of my questions about the service and how authors can use it.

S.R.: The website says you have developed a unique system for authors to promote their eBooks using a smart validation system. What does that mean and how does it work?

D.W.: Our system is connected to Amazon API based on Author’s Name or ASIN and uploads all the books at once.

We only accept:

  • High Reviews Rank on Amazon. A minimum of 10 reviews with an average stars rating of 4.0.
  • Children’s picture books should be at least 28 pages.
  • “Regular Price” with a price of $20.0 or less.
  • “Special Price” must be at least 10.0% off or more from the “Regular Price”.
  • For A FREE Promo just put 0.00 in “Special Price”.
  • “Special Price” must be greater than 0.
  • “Special Price” must be at least 10.0% off or more from the “Regular Price”.
  • “Book of the Day” with same title, as long as there is a 60 days gap between promotions.
  • “Book of the Day” deals as long as there is a 30 days gap between promotions by the same author.
  • For regular promotions, we require a 1 day gap between various titles (same title requires 7 day between promotions) by the same author.

S.R.: There are a lot of different genres available for readers now (26 by my count). Do you plan on expanding in the future? How did you decide on those 26?

D.W.: We might expand it in the future. We decided on those 26 based on a market check that we did.

S.R.: How do you find bargain books to promote?

D.W.: Mostly submissions by authors and publishers.

S.R.: Can any author or publisher sign up for the service? What is the approval process like?

D.W.: The Admin is checking each book every day if it fits the criteria before the approval.

S.R.: How much does it cost (either as a reader or author)?

D.W.: The service is totally free; we are Amazon Affiliates.

S.R.: Step 3 for authors submitting books is to choose a promotional method. What are the options?

D.W.: Currently we have three options:

  1. Book of The Day
  2. Bargain
  3. Free

S.R.: Once an author’s books are on the site, how does it work? Should authors be marketing the site to their readers or does eBookStage send out emails/newsletters (if so, to approximately how many readers)?

D.W.: We send out emails to our readers on a daily basis, based on their preferences.

S.R.: What has a better chance of being promoted on the site, a free book or a bargain book?

D.W.: Currently both chances are equal.


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