Working as a Freelance Writer

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about how writers earn a living. The Write Life has an excellent post, “Talking About Money: Why Writers Need to Be More Honest About How We Earn,” which covers Ann Bauer’s Salon essay on being sponsored by her husband, as well as how other writers earn a living and how much they make.

A lot of stories pop up of writers who are able to quit their day jobs and work on their passion full time. But being a full time writer/freelancer is incredibly hard. I did it for a while, but couldn’t handle the feast or famine lifestyle, so I took a full time job and now write on the side.

Below is a list of articles (in no particular order) I’ve bookmarked over the years that pertain to freelancing. I’m happy for those who have found a way to do this full time, but for others who may be struggling, hopefully you find this list helpful.

Getting Paid / Paid Gigs / Monetization

  1. Quora: “How can freelance developers (who telecommute) ensure they get paid?
  2. Every Writer Resource: “Get Paid to Post
  3. Funds for Writers: A free weekly newsletter that lists semi-pro or higher paying markets and contests as well as grants, crowdfunding, contests, publishers, agents and employers
  4. Writing World: “Fifteen Paying Markets for Personal Essays and Life Stories
  5. Zemanta: “Why Content Ads?
  6. John Chow: “How To Really Make Money with Clickbank
  7. Buy Sell Ads: Publishers
  8. Forward Link: “Skimlinks Unveils World’s First At-A-Glance Content Monetization Tool for Digital Publishers
  9. Writing to Heal: Paying Markets
  10. The Write Life: “19 Websites and Magazines That Want to Publish Your Personal Essays
  11. Meghan Ward: “20 Great Places to Publish Personal Essays
  12. Write From Home: “Eight Paying Markets For Your Personal Essays
  13. Writers Weekly: Freelance writing ezine
  14. Workerson Board: “Write for Greeting Cards
  15. Make a Living Writing: “100+ Websites That Pay Writers
  16. Freelance Write: “28 Places to Find Telecommuting Freelance Writing Jobs
  17. Writtent: “How Much Do Quality Copywriting Services Cost?
  18. SEO Copywriting: How to charge for freelance copywriting services
  19. Men With Pens:How to Set Your Copywriting Fees and Earn What You’re Worth
  20. Freelancers Union: “Want to know what other freelancers charge?

Growing a Freelance Business

  1. Be a Freelance Blogger: “7 Things I Learned About Freelance Blogging from Interviewing My Clients
  2. Freelancers Union: For benefits, etc. (currently only in certain states)
  3. The Well-Fed Writer: FAQs
  4. The Future of Ink: “9 Ways Authors Can Use IFTTT Recipes To Be More Productive
  5. Udemy Blog: “Freelance Copywriter Career: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started


  1. Molly Greene: “101 Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas
  2. Social Media Examiner: “17 Ways to Grow Your Blog From Top Bloggers
  3. 20SomethingBloggers: Forum
  4. Blogging Wizard: “57 Tools for Bloggers
  5. Be a Freelance Blogger: “52 Totally Free Resources for Freelance Bloggers
  6. The Book Designer: “How to Create Foundation Posts for Your Blog
  7. Social Media Explorer: “Disclosures for Bloggers and Brands
  8. Dianne Jacob: “New FTC Rules on Writing Reviews, Affiliations, and Sponsored Posts
  9. DIY Themes: “How to Earn Your First Link From A Major Blogger (or Major Media Outlet)
  10. Training Authors: “How to Design Infographics and Use Them to Increase Blog Traffic
  11. The Book Designer: “My Top 5 Metrics Tools for Evaluating Blogs
  12. Copyblogger: “How to Write 16 Knockout Articles When You Only Have One Wimpy Idea
  13. Be a Freelance Blogger: “How to Find Time to Write a Book Even If You’re Busy Blogging
  14. Masquerade Crew: “10 Blog Titles That Drive Massive Traffic
  15. Reviewz N Tips: “Why You Won’t Finish this Article or How People Read Blogs [Research]

Repurposing Content / Content Marketing

  1. Business 2 Community: “5 Ideas for Offers that Aren’t the Same Old eBooks
  2. Go Articles: An article directory
  3. The Book Designer: “Backlist Blogging—Why Blogging Is Like Book Publishing
  4. Hyperink: Blog to Book
  5. Flippa: “Using content marketing as a tool to build site value
  6. ProBlogger: “How to Make Sure Your Content Marketing Does the Job
  7. Your Writer Platform: “Powerful Pictures Perform: How to Create Images That Grab Attention
  8. OutBrain: Submission guidelines (get your content discovered)
  9. Be a Freelance Blogger: “The Elementary Marketing Tactic You Don’t Know You’re Missing
  10. Huffington Post: “Where Will Content Come From in 2014?

Promoting Products

  1. Deal Guardian: For books and more
  2. Nowness: For videos

Researching Topics

  1. The Book Designer: “How Research Sets the Stage for Blog Marketing
  2. Writer Unboxed: “A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting the Research Interview



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