Indie Authors: Using Collaboration Tools

Indie authors have a lot of options when it comes to the tools they work with, and nowadays there are more and more tools that allow for productive collaboration. Below are just a few:

  • Ice. A content editing tool on Github that lets you customize editing styles.
  • The Substance Composer. Includes two-panel editing, DIY publishing, and offline collaboration.
  • Towerbabel. Self-publishing platform that “enables different writers to all participate in the same story.”
  • Zooniverse. Meant to help scientists collaborate on research.
  • Coursefork. A free platform for educators to work on courses together.

Of course, authors can also turn to blogs to collaborate. David Cornford shared his experiences, where he and a fellow writer wrote at least 500 words per day on a blog, recorded as they went along so they could produce an audiobook, and then turned it all into a book.

Do you use collaboration tools? If so, share which ones have worked best for you in the comments!


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