Social Reading and Writing

Ebooks open up a whole range of possibilities, from how people consume stories to how they talk about books they’ve read, and even how they find new works to read. Because ebooks are digital, authors and readers have many opportunities to be social with their books.

One example is annotating books online. Tools like AnnotateIt and Annotator allow readers to mark up and share their notes on books online. FastCoLabs even predicts that someday each ebook will be its own mini social network.

One step up from simply annotating is using social platforms to read and discuss. ReadCloud is a social reading platform, where “Students and teachers can share annotations, videos and weblinks directly inside the eBooks turning the eBook into a place for discussion and collaboration substantially improving learning outcomes.”

Writers can join communities such as The Next Big Writer or FanStory to get feedback from their peers and use social tools to help better their work.

For readers, there are also sites such as YourNextRead and Slice to help you keep track of what you’ve read and where to find the next great book to read.

What online tools or sites have you used to help you write or find a book to read? Please share in the comments!


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