Indie Authors: Press Releases

Press releases may be considered to be a more traditional form of marketing, but they can still be very effective, even for books.

Part of the trick is to release the press release at the right time, usually around a book’s launch. Then you need to drive traffic towards it.

But before doing that, you need to know how to write an effective press release. Something that doesn’t just sound like, “hey, buy my book!” has a great database of articles, including “The Power of Modern Press Releases.” The article introduces and goes over how to effectively use master pages, and it includes five helpful videos.

Below is an excerpt:

The modern press release format includes

  • Title
  • Subhead
  • Body
  • Quote
  • Boilerplate

The title summarizes the whole release. It needs to be short (fitting on one line, often in text larger than the rest of the release) and capture reader interest. The title can make or break a press release. It needs to be pithy, powerful, and to the point.

The subhead is twolines of italicized text supporting the title. It plays off the title, offering more description. I still see a lot of releases that miss this critical opportunity to further educate a reader and lure them into reading the whole release.

Read the full article here.


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