Guest Post: Want to Step Up Your Facebook?

By Sheena Mathieson – Freelancer

Facebook is such a big platform that has helped out so many indie authors. Here are some more tips on Facebook fan pages, from guest author Sheena Mathieson.

Today, the world meets on a platform and that social platform is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s child has brought us closer and knitted us into the same web of ties. In this web of interconnected humans, do you want to be that entrepreneur or blogger who explores Facebook marketing strategies to serve creations to the world around?

Well, then you have come to the right place.

The categories for which you can set up a Facebook Fan Page.
The categories for which you can set up a Facebook Fan Page.

Why should you step up your Facebook fan page?

If you want to develop a concise Facebook marketing strategy or publicize your content, then you have set up a Facebook Fan Page. These are the reasons:

  1. A good place to network and share one’s thoughts.

Sometimes you might want to share quick links or thoughts with other people. By using a fan page, not only can a celebrity take their musings to their fans, but product developers can also take their thoughts to their prospective customers. A writer can share the gist of his content to the internet-usership, artists can display their creations to the world; all of these without having them come to your site or shop.

A fan page is like a virtual ground where people can have discussions and interactions, where they can share links and foster connections. Once they know what you are about and they like it, your business or blog will begin to grow at a much higher rate.

  1. Access to a greater number of people.

Facebook limits your friends’ count at around 5,000 but a fan page allows you to get as many likes as you desire. Your networking skills are expanded and with such an expansion, your thoughts and ideas can reach faster and further to the people out there.

It is simple to have a Facebook fan page, but to wait for its impact isn’t. It needs hard work in the form of daily upgrades. A successful fan page doesn’t attract success very easily – you need a plan and a spark to help you get there. Take these few important Facebook tips – it needs a well laid content plan, posts that can be food for thought or surprising news to the ones visiting your page, and daily tending so that it doesn’t rust away.

What are the benefits of stepping up a Facebook fan page?

Well, it is a simple thing – a personal profile of a market entrepreneur or blog writer doesn’t provide him or her a market or unlimited readership. Fan pages that publicize your business or work can be a cherry on the top for your Facebook marketing strategy. Personal profiles, however are just meant for one thing – personal connections. Not public ones, right?

So, here are a few benefits of your Fan Page:

  1. You get great access to advertising – Through your Facebook fan page, you can create ads for a targeted audience and end up not spending much money in the process. You can reach out to the friends of your fans through promoting posts and marketing your products/content well.
  2. You can schedule your content within Facebook – You can schedule your content according to the way you want and bring back older content as reminders for your audience.
The icon for scheduling your content. (Picture courtesy:
The icon for scheduling your content. (Picture courtesy:
  1. You can gather more followers– As a part of most Facebook Tips; you can gather more followers from friends of your fans and a community outside that of Facebook. You can achieve this through newsletters and contests.
  1. You can get insights from the new Insights tool – The new Insights tool on Facebook gives a detailed analysis on what is happening to your page – the number of people who have liked your post, the number of people who have access and much more.

A Few Facebook Tips:

  1. Run a contest on Facebook to reach out to more people as they give you access to emails through enticing prizes.
  1. Promote your fan page by setting up a Facebook page elsewhere online or through email notifications.
  1. Try to make the most out of your Facebook Insights tool.
  1. Generate access to apps that can add purpose and traffic to your page. For example, the Social RSS app helps you to draw on your blog’s RSS feed.
  1. The Insights tool can be of immense help in stepping up Facebook fan page.


This is a simple list. Be creative so you can devise ingenious Facebook marketing strategies to allow Facebook step up fan page. Just draw on and develop from experience and experimentation; and in case you need help, you have these Facebook tips to fall back on!

image4Sheena Mathieson understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.


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