805 Writers Conference: Self-Publishing Primer and More


This past weekend, I was one of the speakers at the 805 Writers Conference, held in Ventura, California. 805 Writers Conference is an annual event for writers, and this year had a number of wonderful speakers who covered a wide range of topics, including adapting fiction for the screen, writing a non-fiction proposal, writing mysteries and thrillers, writing articles, how to get published, how to sell books, and book marketing tactics. There were also panels with literary agents and book editors.

I was one of two speakers for the session called “Self-Publishing Primer – what has changed and how authors are selling books,” along with Leann Garms, founder of Build.Buzz.Launch. All the sessions have been recorded and should be available online shortly for those who attended the conference.

For those unable to attend the conference, I have an expanded version of my presentation available on Slideshare, which covers

  1. Writing and editing tools
  2. Cover design
  3. Ebook creation tools and techniques
  4. Ebook distribution channels
  5. Marketing tactics
  6. Authorpreneurship concepts
  7. Changes and developments in the industry.

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