Guest Post: Proofreading Style and Grammar with Document Grader


By Patrick Roberts

Patrick Roberts is the creator of Document Grader, a tool designed to grade writing on a deeper level than the average grammar checking program. Authors can easily use the tool to help with their work.

Document Grader goes beyond finding superficial grammar or spelling mistakes, as most grammar checking tools already do.  Instead, the service highlights a wide range of language/usage issues that might affect the readability of your writing, including phrases that might be too wordy, colloquial, passive or cliched. When you click on these contextual highlights you will see an explanation of the issue along with some useful examples of what to do and what not to do.  In many cases, you can fix the issues in your writing with a single click.

Patrick created the following video to show what Document Grader looks like in action:

Patrick Roberts is a self-employed IT professional who is interested in internet based tools for writers. Along these lines, he recently released Document Grader ( to help authors of all shapes and sizes improve their writing habits.


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