Guest Post: The Best MOOCs for Writers to Enroll

By Andrew Howe


What is e-learning?

Living in the digital era, it’s nearly impossible to stop using the Internet to obtain knowledge and improve skills. While most students know what blended learning is (offline and online lessons), post graduates start thinking about e-learning.

To stay competitive and grow revenue, it’s important to keep on self-developing, and e-learning is a key to success. The number of MOOCs (massive open online courses) is growing rapidly, and no matter who you are, you can find the best one for you to hone your skills.

Why People Enroll MOOCs

Since early childhood, we have been hearing that obtaining a higher education is crucial for our career growth. However, the times have changed, and additional ways how to improve skills appeared. Enrolling in MOOCs is one of these ways.

Reasons to enroll MOOCs:

  • improve skills or obtain knowledge
  • it’s cheap or even free
  • flexible time schedule
  • to learn from leading experts from the best universities
  • online certificates
  • study wherever you are

Taking a MOOC is beneficial, and here is a list of MOOCs for writers.

Check it out!

If you want to publish your book, polish your creative writing skills, or get an insight, this course is right for you. It helps to boost inspiration, create your writing style, and teach how to get the most out of critics.

Being a writer means knowing all writing features, from effective academic language to making an argument and supporting claims. No matter who you are, whether a newcomer or a proficient writer, this course might help you hone your writing skills.

People write different texts for different purposes. It’s important to produce high-quality texts, so enhancing the quality of writing is a must. This course can help you obtain knowledge and master your writing and editing skills.

If you’re a freelance writer or a current student, this course should be high on your list. It helps you to understand how to create strong statements, write high-quality essays, and improve your self-editing skills.

Sometimes it’s crucial for writers to know how to use academic writing. This course helps to identify plagiarism, explain how to write an argument essay, and use sources. Plus, it gives an insight on collecting information and doing research.

Proficient writers should be good at both completing tasks and creating savvy emails. When communicating with clients and readers, it’s important to have advanced email writing skills, as it’s the way to keep in touch with them. This course teaches tone and level of formality in emails, shows the difference between email formats, improves overall written English skills.

To build authority online, a good writer should have persuasive skills and know how to organize and clearly communicate. This course can help you understand your audience to polish your writing and, therefore, improve your professional communication skills.

If you’re going to write your first book or want to make this process easier, this course suits your needs. Divide your writing into steps, enhance readability, cause buzz, and produce a high-quality book.

Most writers need to manage their workflow: search for clients, write texts and submit them. It’s an eternal process of earning money, and there are some hints how to write short stories that sell (to save time and grow revenue).

Productivity is a key to success in any niche. To write high-quality papers, a writer needs to be inspired and be productive. This course is aimed at giving tips on productivity.

The Bottom Line

The number of MOOCs is big on the web, and it is not a problem to find a course that suits your needs. By enrolling in MOOCs, you can manage the educational process to obtain additional knowledge or improve skills. Once you pick up a course, pay attention to the feedback section below and the number of people who have already signed up. Analyze this data to decide whether this course is high-quality or not.

If you are sure this course is exactly what you need, sign up or bookmark to take the course later.

Have you ever enrolled MOOCs? What are your impressions?

me_jpegAndrew Howe is fond of languages, writing, and traveling. He runs Adverbless website that helps people hone their writing skills. To get in touch with Andrew, drop him a line at


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