Guest Post: The 2016 Dublin Writers Conference

By A.G. Billig

The Dublin Writers’ Conference will be held at The Irish Writers Centre on June 24-26 of this year.

International best-selling author and scriptwriter Michael Russell joins an expanded line up at THE 2016 DUBLIN WRITERS’ CONFERENCE

For many of us, 2016 is the year of the indie author. According to one Author Earnings Report, last year in the USA readers spent over 600 million dollars on self-published books. This fast growing market isn’t just about opportunities but also about challenges and competition. You need to master the writing craft and learn the secrets of digital marketing. Something achievable nowadays not only because of the Internet but also because of an increase in number and quality of writers’ conferences. What better opportunity to learn, grow and connect than an event dedicated to the craft of writing and digital marketing?

In 2015, Ireland joined the USA and the UK in their efforts to provide support to indie authors with “The Dublin Writers’ Conference”. Writers from three continents (Austraila, North America, and Europe) spent a weekend in Dublin, the city of writers, learning about the latest trends in self publishing, connecting with industry professionals and enjoying the city’s unique atmosphere.

The second edition of The Dublin Writers’ Conference will be held June 24th-26th 2016. It features some of the best writing craft teachers in the world, flying in from the US and the UK, as well as experienced Irish writers.

Michael Russell, international best-selling author and scriptwriter and prize winning authors Conor Kostick and Margaret Murphy (aka A.D. Garrett) are the key-note speakers on the Writing Craft Panel.

Debbie Young– advisor for the Alliance of Independent Authors, Jessica Bell, the coordinator of Writing Day Workshops in the United States of America and Ben Galley, leading European self-publishing consultant, will reveal the most important elements of self-publishing required for success.

Laurence O’ Bryan, best-selling author, digital-marketing expert and founder of the conference said that the event is designed to help writers move rapidly into the world of independent publishing while ensuring they achieve the highest standards in writing craft while they do so.

This is an opportunity to learn from top-notch experts how to improve your work and to promote books online, essential skills for a modern writer. The conference will be held at The Irish Writers’ Center and the Gresham Hotel in the heart of the city.

You can come for just the Saturday events, or for all three days, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. One event not to be missed is the Saturday Evening Awards Dinner that will introduce a surprise guest. You can easily join The Dublin Writers’ Conference 2016 by visiting the dedicated website.

About the Founder

Laurence O'Bryan
Laurence O’Bryan

Laurence O’ Bryan is an Irish best-selling author (The Puzzle Series published by Harper Collins) and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of The Dublin Writers’ Conference and, a service for authors. He is also a digital marketing lecturer, a course material developer, a facilitator, an optimist, and a believer in the power of technology. Find more about Laurence O’Bryan here.

About the Author

A.G.Billig is a writer across genres, radio host and communication expert who is using her expertise mainly for helping indie authors reach wider audiences. She started writing fiction when she was eight and made her literary debut in 2012 with a collection of short stories. Find more about A.G.Billig here.


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