Guest Post: TaleHunt, An App That Brings Out Your Inner Storyteller


By Aby Matthew – Co-founder and CMO of TaleHunt

TaleHunt is an app that features stories 250 characters or less. The platform has built up a community of writers and readers.

Imagine how amazing it is for us to craft a story and others to get enraptured by our imaginary world of tales? The most powerful way to articulate our lives is by writing a story. Writing helps us to understand ourselves from yet another perspective, to feel each and every moment in our lives, to explore a “deep me” within ourselves, and much more. So next time you dismiss the thought of writing a story because of lack of time, dedication or perseverance, checkout the TaleHunt mobile app that brings out your inner storyteller.

TaleHunt is a mobile app for very short stories. The app is serious about the “very short” part and all the stories on the app are restricted to 250 characters or less. TaleHunt is the app for you, whether you’re an aspiring short story writer or you just want to read some flash fictions.

“Everyone has a storyteller inside,” cofounder and CTO Salmon KP said. “TaleHunt will bring out your inner storyteller.”

By default the app shows trending tales and you can follow the storytellers whom you like and be notified when they write a new tale. The app also suggests writers you may like to follow. Anyone can write a new tale by signing up for free. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

TaleHunt helps writers to build an audience based on very short stories. The app also helps professional writers to sell their Amazon books through short stories. Currently this facility is available only for verified writers and for more information; contact TaleHunt verification team for free at

Since TaleHunt is a mobile app for short stories, writers can sell more books compared to other social media. Around 75% of the 10,000+ existing users are readers who love to read tales written by other users in the TaleHunt app.

The app is trying to create a new category in literature: the very short story. TaleHunt is also trying to help people to read more and write more, whether they’re a writer or not. Creations range from fiction to romance to sci-fi to nonfiction.

A reader may not be interested in longer works across all categories but be willing to read tiny tales across genres.

“It’s like hunting stories daily for our users,” cofounder and CEO Ameen Rashad said.

The most famous example, put on a pedestal by most creative writing teachers, is a story attributed to Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” That’s the story. The end goal, perhaps, is that readers don’t have the whole picture. They fill in the gaps with their imagination or finish the story themselves.

“You have only 250 characters, so you are supposed to choose your words really smart and carefully,” TaleHunt writer Ridvan Saglam said.

Each story shared is accompanied by the author’s username, the number of likes and comments it has received, a “Share this tale” option that leads to other social media applications, and a hashtag that allows the author to categorize each story.

“I have always been a big fan of the flash fiction movement, and its slightly more edgy cousin flashpoint fiction,” TaleHunt writer and professional author Richard Littledale said. “For this reason, I am excited to see the launch of TaleHunt. Hopefully the ‘portability’ of a mobile application like this will encourage people to create stories ‘on the move’. In this way, people are encouraged to explore their creativity on the train, the plane, at the bus stop and other places—which I applaud.”

AbyMathewAby Mathew is the CMO and co-founder of TaleHunt. He loves traveling, visiting new places and meeting new people.


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