Guest Post: Mobile Traffic Statistics Inspire To Create New Businesses

By Calvina Singh

realtime-couponmachineDay after day, the same boring tasks look like they’ve been duplicated into your life by some kind of cruel tyrant. Get up early, go to the office, work hard in that tiny cubicle, return home late and exhausted. That’s hardly a life one can dream of. The problem is that it’s not just boring: it literally kills your creative potential.

The alternative is simple. Start working for yourself, be your own boss, and regulate your working time yourself—as well as your goals, strategy and salary (depending on revenues, of course). Not everybody believes that starting a business nowadays is easy and failure-proof. But it’s surely worth a try, especially in the modern mobile-oriented paradigm.

By this I mean that with so much people using their mobile phones, it’s a lot easier for an entrepreneur to reach his or her target audience, spending minimum money, time, and effort. According to the real-time mobile data statistics from Coupon Machine:

  • Nearly 4 million selfies are taken every hour worldwide.
  • Every hour 25,000 Grabtaxi rides are ordered from mobile devices.
  • Samsung sells 4 million smartphones…
  • …while Apple sells 618 thousand smartphones every day.
  • 2 billion Instagram pictures are uploaded from mobile devices every month.
  • 22 million songs are downloaded from iTunes every day.
  • 96 new apps and games are submitted to the App Store.
  • Monthly global traffic is 4 million terabytes.

And that’s only a bit of information available. The above mentioned tool can give you great insight on other aspects of the mobile world – like SMS and email usage, WhatsApp statistics, and social media usage.

People’s mobile activity is huge, and that gives new businesses tons of opportunities. The best part of it is that mobile marketing and mobile projects are relatively simple to develop, start, and fulfill, especially with all those different services on the internet. For example, you could create your own mobile app and earn cash from the ads embedded in it. Or you could create a website or blog and receive revenue from direct advertising there. Or even easier—you can open up a Facebook page dedicated to something. According to Coupon Machine, more than 700 million people access Facebook from their mobile devices every day, so your project will surely get a good audience and eventual revenue.

To sum everything up: The way you live your life is ultimately up to you, but never forget there’s always an alternative to everything. You don’t have a really significant reason to restrain yourself and don’t start something new, exciting and with good potential.

Liven up and pursue your dreams.

Presented by couponmachine


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