Indie Author Marketing Guide: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known for being a professional network, and a great place to share your resume online.

As an indie author, here are a few ideas of how to use LinkedIn to your advantage:

  • Add your books with links to sale pages on your profile page. LinkedIn allows you to upload cover images, either under specific job titles or listed under “Publications.”
  • Get to know people in your niche/genre. Join relevant groups and contribute. Content Marketing Institute shares five ways to use groups effectively, such as by asking questions or offering opinions, keeping a spreadsheet of which groups are most relevant for what types of posts, and responding to feedback. Constant Contact offers tips on how to find the right groups, such as by reaching out to your network and asking for opinions, and joining groups with members that are in your network.
  • Make connections. Invite people you know to the site. And if you meet anyone (agents, fellow authors, etc.) at a conference, follow up with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Terry Whalin offers tips.
  • Send private messages. This can work great for freelancers who are either responding to someone’s job post in a group or to introduce themselves to someone in their field.
  • Use Pulse. Occasionally browse the links for research or story ideas. This probably works best for non-fiction authors.
  • Blog on LinkedIn. In early 2014, the site rolled out a new feature that allows users to post longform content. According to DashBurst, the idea is to help people better themselves for their jobs. DailyFinance said LinkedIn has more than 277 million members, which could potentially mean a lot of exposure for a blog-like post. Non-fiction authors could write content about their niche and then promote it on LinkedIn.

How do you use LinkedIn? Share in the comments!

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared January 2015, as part of the Indie Author Marketing Guide series.


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