Writing for Shotgun

I get the opportunity to write cool stuff at my day job at Shotgun. This latest blog post is about how one of our clients uses Shotgun, which is a cloud-based platform that helps people manage their creative projects (films, TV shows, games, commercials, etc.). What’s really interesting about this industry is how much has changed quickly because of digital disruption (sound familiar, fellow book people?) and how people are embracing cloud-based technology more and more. You can read the full blog post here.

Shotgun has amazing clients all over the world creating beautiful media. I recently got to speak with project manager Ken Vandecappelle and associate producer Iris Delafortry from Cyborn about how they use Shotgun. Cyborn is a film producer and 3D animation and motion capture studio based in Antwerp, Belgium.

This is Cyborn’s first year using Shotgun, and the team is using it to work on a feature film project called, Ploey, You Never Fly Alone. This 3D animation feature film is a co-production between Cyborn and GunHil, a studio based in Iceland. About 30 people at Cyborn are now using Shotgun, as well as eight people at GunHil.

Read the full article here.


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