Writers Boon, a One-Stop Shop for Authors

The process for publishing has many moving parts. In addition to writing, editing, packaging, and distributing, there’s marketing and different strategies to consider. Writers Boon, a new platform, aims to help authors with everything they need to know when it comes to publishing their books. Read on for an interview with Carol Vorvain, Co-Founder and CEO of Writers Boon.

S.R.: Writers Boon is a place for authors to get everything they need when it comes to publishing their books. That includes DIY software tools and apps, courses, webinars, podcasts, discounts and reviews on related products and services, and advice from experts. So far there are 400+ vendors, 260+ topics, and 350+ listings. When did Writers Boon launch?

C.V.: Writers Boon launched in October 2016 as the first platform to focus on the business aspect of publishing. Because, hey, it’s great to be a published author, but it’s even better to live off your writing, to turn your craft into big-time business. The feedback so far has been great! In such a short time, we have over 900 registered authors. That’s amazing considering authors don’t need to register to get access to all our resources. They do it only when they want to take advantage of the extra features, such as direct messaging, tag favorites, add notes, ask questions and so on. So, we actually get many more visitors; that’s what Google Analytics tells us anyway.

S.R.: You started off as a lawyer, and then became an author and now you’re an entrepreneur. What inspired you to create Writers Boon?

C.V.: What inspired me… Well, my own journey as an author. I set out to make the site that I had needed most when I was getting started years ago.

Let me explain. As a lawyer, I found legal databases to be all I needed. Everything was there: legislation, cases, commentary, journal articles, a complete, well-organized reference on all areas of law.

However, as an author, there was no site that would pull together DIY Tools & Apps, How-To Guides, Experts in all topics related to book publishing and marketing.

Immediately I saw the benefits of a highly organized, all-powerful platform where authors of fiction and non-fiction books, would find everything and everyone they need. A site that would also guide them, with tips and info that would serve as a blue print for action.

After discussing with Darius, a Senior Software Consultant, we’ve agreed that Oracle, the world’s #1 database, was the best possible technology stack for my ambitious goals.

S.R.: It took two years to develop Writers Boon. What was the process like?

C.V.: It wasn’t easy – let me assure you of that! First, we had to organize vast amount of info, do the hard yards for our beloved authors. Then, we had to build two introduction portals, one for authors and one for vendors and enhance each of them with a myriad of features. But it was exciting and now when finally Writers Boon is out there helping authors, saving them time, money and brainpower, now it becomes rewarding.

S.R.: How do you find the Experts who answer questions on Writers Boon?

C.V.: So far, our handpicked experts have been recommended by authors and by other well-known professionals in the business. They are people with extensive experience and exceptional reviews. The way Q&A works is, authors first choose a very narrow topic, ask the question, then their question gets sent only to experts in that particular niche. This ensures that authors only get the best, most accurate and reliable answers.

S.R.: How can Writers Boon help authors?

C.V.: Writers Boon helps authors find:

  • Top notch experts for their books. From writing coaches, to legal advisers and virtual assistants to editors, translators, SEO and email marketing experts, everyone is here.
  • The best DIY Software Tools. From Editing and Indexing Tools to Giveaway and Audiobook tools, you name it, we have them all.
  • Useful How-To Guides. From books and articles to webinars, podcasts and courses. If you want to learn more about a specific topic, Writers Boon is the place.

But we don’t only connect authors with resources. We also feature offers, deals and discounts on related publishing and marketing products and services. You get the best at the best price. Think of us the Groupon for the writers’ community.

What’s most important, access to the platform and all its features is free for authors.

S.R.: What’s next for Writers Boon? What can authors expect to find as the site grows?

C.V.: My vision is for Writers Boon to become the authors’ premier information source. Whether they are aspiring or experienced writers of fiction and non-fiction books, whether they want to find the best quotes generator tools, the best writing retreats, or whether they are looking for the best deal on writing software, they know on Writers Boon they can find everything and everyone they need.

carolCarol Vorvain is an Australian international lawyer, mediator, author and founder of Writers Boon, the newest, most comprehensive platform for writers. Her books, When Dreams are CallingWhy not? – The island where happiness starts with a question and A Fool in Istanbul – The adventures of a self-denying workaholic have been featured in a number of travel magazines including the International Traveller magazine and can be found in libraries, bookstores and on Amazon.


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