Guest Post: How YouTube Helps Your Social Media Marketing

By Katherine Lane

It has become more convenient today to give people a lasting impression about you on social media through the different online platforms–that is, depending on what you are into. Facebook is not the only one that offers the opportunity for Internet marketing. Using another platform like YouTube, for instance, can become a helpful business strategy to generate online traffic.

As far as content is concerned, video marketing on YouTube has become an effective approach. Increase YouTube views, and you can establish yourself, rather than solely setting up a website where people must find it.

Here are five reasons why YouTube should be an immediate marketing strategy:

1. It can easily reach a billion users

YouTube is currently the third most visited website in the world. People from over 70 countries are viewing millions of videos, including users who can access YouTube’s content via mobile. Advertising your business here can increase your earning and marketing potential.

2. It is a search engine

The vast accessibility of YouTube makes it a reliable search engine. From YouTube can be streamed from Google and Netflix, allowing users to view all kinds of content. People can look up something with a keyword or two, and YouTube videos are included in the search results. Once you have organized your channel, your video titles, descriptions, and tags with the relevant keywords, your content may have the chance to come up with the results.

3. It is a social network

YouTube is not only about watching videos. Users can comment, subscribe, like, and subscribe to channels. This can establish significant connections. If people have similar interests as you, they will consider viewing your channel and watching your videos.

4. It captures attention

Compared to other social media platforms, YouTube videos engage best with the audience. Videos are done with variety, and often with creativity, which can captivate users. This increases the chances of businesses or companies to get as much exposure as they need.

5. It can give a link to other social media platforms

This is one of the most efficient promotion strategies. Providing links to your websites and other social media accounts in your channel can allow users to view your content from other platforms. Rather than single-handedly promoting your business on YouTube, you are also able to attract viewers to your other accounts for better dissemination. Likewise, you can embed your videos on your website or accounts to increase YouTube views.

YouTube as a Medium in Social Media Marketing

There are ways to reach your target audience using YouTube. When making a new channel for advertising, make sure that its name is directly related to the product, business, or service you are promoting. This will help other users recognize your brand across the web apart from YouTube.

Start working on your channel by describing what it’s about providing some relevant links that you shared in your other platforms. Afterward, you can proceed to work on your videos. This is the most important part as this is where it should begin generating online traffic. One way to have more users consider your brand is to increase YouTube views. To do this, you have to make videos that are relevant to your target audience.

Consider the intentions you have for your customers; they may either want a product that can make things more convenient, relevant answers to their questions, or a step-by-step process on how to do something. Knowing what they will aid in your marketing strategy.

Here are some types of videos that will increase YouTube views and improve your popularity:

Featured video

It can also be considered your ‘trailer’ video, one that is directly featured in your channel. In this video, you can make a brief introduction about yourself and the kind of business you have.

Introduction: This is where you state your name and your business, including highlights of your abilities. Users want to see a transparent, well-structured overall of what they are getting themselves into.

Your aims: Detail a little more about your business and tell your customers what they can get. This can establish a connection between you and the viewers, which can be a point where they may consider subscribing.

Final note: This is where you tell your viewers what you want them to do. With the benefits you just stated, you should be able to convince them to subscribe. Once they do so, they can gain access to your other platforms or websites.

Question and Answer Videos

You can make a Q&A video and upload it for users who want immediate access to answers about different topics. If your viewers find the video helpful, they may consider you to be a reliable source, and they will either keep coming back to you or tell other users to go to your channel.

‘How-To’ Videos

People go online to learn how to do or create something. Videos are always sought-out for as they give clear demonstrations on how things are done as compared to online articles. If they find a step unclear, they have the option to pause or rewind.

Statistical videos

Stating facts and numbers can ensure the reliability of your business. Sharing your research means that you are mindful of today’s trends. Your viewers will then understand that you have certain solutions for something.

Users are always on the lookout for facts and statistics in which they can share. This can increase YouTube views, generate traffic in your sites, and promote your product. The video can be done simply; relevant data can be presented with a brief explanation and some helpful visuals.

The strategies above do not have to be done all at once. One of them can be more effective than the other, depending on what you are promoting or what you are aiming for. Analyze what is best for your business to attract viewers to buy or subscribe.

Katherine Lane is a content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche.


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