77 Tips and Tools for Promoting Your Book

By Per Erik Strandberg sv:User:PER9000 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Per Erik Strandberg sv:User:PER9000 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons
I love a good list, and I’ve been collecting links again. This time, it’s a collection of resources that can help you promote your book.

Promotion Tools

  1. 19 Favorite Tools for Content Promotion in 2017” on Content Marketing Institute
  2. Book Marketing & PR Toolkit” on Book Marketing Buzz Blog
  3. Author Marketing Checklist” on Author Marketing Club
  4. The Ridiculously Fast Way to Submit Your Free eBook to Promotion Sites” on Book Marketing Tools
  5. Smashwords develops self-interview tool” on The Bookseller
  6. Smashwords Authors & Publishers – Tell us about your upcoming BookBub promotions!” on Smashwords
  7. Smashwords Launches Series Discovery Tool” on Digital Book World
  8. Authorbuddies.com Offers Book Marketing Assistance Abroad” on Publishing Perspectives
  9. BookTube: the Network By and For Book Lovers” on BookWorks
  10. Bostick Communications
  11. Insurgent Publishing
  12. 2 startup founders quietly created the new ‘Oprah’s Book Club’ for millennials — and the publishing industry is obsessed” on Business Insider
  13. FameBit Review” on YouTube

Promotion/Deal Sites

  1. Best Book Promotion Sites 2017” on Paid Author
  2. Deal News
  3. Books 2 Read
  4. Many Books
  5. Book Sends
  6. Promote your book on 30 sites in 15 minutes” on Ben Zackheim
  7. Xberts
  8. Oz Bargain
  9. Fat Wallet
  10. Ereader News Today
  11. Free Kindle Books
  12. Instafreebie
  13. Novellic
  14. Retail Me Not
  15. IndieWrites

Promotion Strategies

  1. Book Promotion: How to use price promotion to promote your book” on Written Word Media
  2. Experimenting to Build the Right Ebook Pricing Strategy” on Digital Book World
  3. How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Pages (Don’t Forget the International Pages)” on Jane Friedman
  4. New to Book Publicity? Go Local First” on The Book Designer
  5. Orchestrating a “Craig’s List” Free eBook Event” on Indies Unlimited
  6. Organic IS Better (for book marketing)” on Chris McMullen
  7. Personalize Your Foreword With Anecdotes To Make It More Powerful” on Kunzon Publishing
  8. Public Speaking for Sissy Authors, by Ann Lee Miller” on Random Writing Rants
  9. Publishing for kids: how to reach book buyers online” on Book Machine
  10. What does branded look like?” on Seth Godin
  11. Starter thoughts for publishers to develop new author marketing policies” on The Shatzkin Files
  12. Creating Effective Book Descriptions for Amazon” on Selling Books
  13. Make Your Own Indie Author Fair” on The Library Cat
  14. Is Your Book Endorsed?” on Marketing Christian Books
  15. Malcolm Gladwell Hands Out Book Blurbs Like Santa Does Presents” on New York Times
  16. Donald Trump is Collecting Blurbs” on Electric Literature
  17. Your Book Launch: Marketing Methods and Ideas Used by Outstanding Authors – A Study” on The eBook Author’s Corner
  18. Compelling Back Cover Copy: Not Too Little and Not Too Much” on Ingram Spark
  19. Using Libraries To Boost Your Indie Publishing Business” on The Creative Penn
  20. Will it Fly?” on Smart Passive Income
  21. Media Pitching 102: The Art of the Perfect Pitch” on Author Marketing Experts
  22. Why Discounting Box Sets Can Dramatically Increase Sales” on BookBub
  23. The Good Enough Launch” on Stacking the Bricks

Tips and Tricks

  1. How to build community around your business before you’re ready” on Kyla Roma
  2. 17 Tips for Authors
  3. Here’s How They Did It… No. 2 – How instructors earn $200, $500, $1,000/month through self-promotion” on Udemy Blog
  4. [Case Study] 15x Your Sales by Optimizing for Student Success” on Teachable Blog
  5. 7 Facebook Group Hosts Share Their Secrets” on Caitlin Bacher
  6. Online festivals widen writers’ web of readers” on The Bookseller
  7. Promoting a Sequel in a Book’s Back Matter (With Examples!)” on Bookbub
  8. Researching Reader Intent to Fine-Tune Book SEO” on Digital Book World
  9. Taglines that’ll hook your readers” on The Seekers
  10. Simple Tips on Finding and Working with a Book Publicist” on Tweetspeak
  11. How to Write a Book Description That Sells More Books, with Bryan Cohen” on Self Publishing Formula
  12. The Indie Authors Guide to Organizing Author Events” on Publisher’s Weekly
  13. Kindle Book Promotion: Tips To Promote Your Book Right Now” on Udemy
  14. Your eBook Deal How-To Guide!” on Author Marketing Experts
  15. Becoming A Bestseller” on Bookhub
  16. 7 Useful Insights for Savvy Book Marketers from Digital Book World 2017” on Goodreads
  17. How to PR Like a Pro: A Guide to Getting Media Attention” on Shopify
  18. How to Plan a Pre-order Deadline” on Indies Unlimited
  19. How to Promote Your Book Like a Pro!” on Triumph of the Spirit
  20. How to Rock an Author Festival with a Self-Published Book” on Belinda Kroll
  21. Using Amazon KDP Ads to Sell Your Ebook on Amazon” on Jane Friedman
  22. CreateSpace Discount Codes—Suddenly Better” on Chris McMullen
  23. How to Pitch the Media (Without Even Sending Your Book)” on Jane Friedman
  24. You Can Learn How to Make a Presentation Like a Great TED Talk” on Inc
  25. Top Tips from KDP Authors” on Writers Unplugged
  26. How to Run a Successful Blog Tour for Novelists” on Udemy

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