Guest Post: 6 Smart ways to create a popular YouTube channel

By George Minton

YouTube, the famous Google-owned network, has over a billion users, which is almost half of the internet users on the globe. Everyday millions of people enjoy the billions of new videos aired on YouTube. In fact, YouTube reaches more than half of its daily billion views on mobile alone. This platform has created a source of income for many people who have become famous via YouTube. But as powerful as this network is, the response you get from the viewers will purely depend on the videos you have uploaded. So if you are not sure of what you need to produce quality videos on YouTube that will generate more views, kindly keep reading.

1. Design your brand

With the billions of new videos being uploaded daily and the millions of already successful channels already running, getting your videos noticed will really be challenging if you are not prepared. So the key to standing out is creating a unique brand that your viewers can associate you with. Take your time and come up with the name and the theme of your channel, keeping in mind the fact that the name should describe the kind of material you will be uploading daily. Remember: a cute logo can be a bonus, especially when it comes to attracting new users.

2. Produce high quality and interactive videos

Your videos can be educating, entertaining, and creative, but if the quality is low, then nobody will watch them to the end. Therefore make sure you invest in a good camera and a reliable editing. Remember: to capture your viewer’s attention you must be willing to work and produce high quality entertaining work that everyone will enjoy and share.

3. Promote the videos through other social media channels

Once the video is uploaded you need to create a following. What better way to get an audience than inviting your friends from other social platforms to enjoy your videos? You can share the link to your channel on Twitter and Facebook so that your other followers might know that you have a YouTube channel. Your friends and family members can help promote your videos. Remember: if they like it they will share it and the channel will get more viewers.

4. Be active on your channel

Other than watching your videos, your viewers can comment and say if they loved it or not. If it’s educational materials, your viewers will have follow up questions which you can answer in the comment section and even direct them to your website, if you have one. Always engage your viewers and never let any negative criticism disappoint you. Instead use them to improve your next videos. Make sure that you always have fresh uploads for your viewers, and if it’s a series of documentaries then make sure you keep them coming and capture their attention.

5. Consider all the reviews

If the whole purpose of your channel is marketing then you should try creating some product review videos. Actually some of the simplest, yet most effective videos in YouTube are product reviews. Do video reviews of the different things in your house. It can be a review of the latest video game or even your new laptop or phone. Viewers love watching a review of something they are planning to purchase and see how effective it has been to you.

6. Set up a schedule

Creating a fan base can be really challenging, especially if you are inconsistent with the release date of your next videos, In fact we are all accustomed to the idea of a new episode of our favorite TV show coming up on the same time and day every week. This is also the case with YouTube videos. Once your viewers get used to your uploads they will always look forward to your next video and eagerly wait for it. This will really boost your channel and even attract more viewers.

If you are doing review videos the length of your videos really matters. The video can neither be too long or too short. So make sure you avoid adding irrelevant materials into your videos. Be straight to the point and entertaining at the same time.

George Minton is a camera enthusiast since 2008. Cameraseals is his personal blog, where he shares most of his interests and experiences from using cameras. You will find helpful topics, even if you’re a beginner or long-time user, on Cameraseals.


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