Fun Tools for Authors

I do love a good list. Below are some tools that can help you as an author, whether you’re looking to write, find books to read, research words, and more. Platform for connecting authors with agents and publishers.

AZ Screen Recorder: An app that lets you record your Android screen.

Beemgee: Tools for authors.

Binded: Gives you copyright certificates for your work.

Book in a Box: Platform that aids in book creation.

Fairbooks: A fanfiction platform.

LitNet: A literature network.

Modern Memoirs: A personal memoir writing service, according to The New York Times.

Novel Effect: Soundtracks for storytellers.

Oolipo: App for creating interactive stories.

PageHabit: Book curation service.

Premium Beat: Royalty free music.

Processing: Software sketchbook.

Reedsy: A marketplace for authors.

Serial Box: Serial fiction that gets delivered to your inbox.

Stupid Git Tricks: Tricks for working with Git.

Time Traveler: Merriam-Webster’s etymology tool.


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