Guest Post: 10 Ways to Drive Traffic From YouTube

By Katherine Lane

It has been 12 years since YouTube started to widen people’s entertainment sessions. The website has been a great help for those who want to watch a wide variety of videos online. Aside from satisfying people with its wide selections of videos, YouTube has been a great tool for marketers as well. However, since there are also a lot of marketers who attempt to attract thousands of viewers, it is easy to get your content skipped by many. In this article, we will share with you the top ten ways to help you increase your YouTube views.

1. Your title matters a lot.

Basically, your title is the very first thing that your viewers will notice. Needless to say, a catchy or striking title should be created for viewers to open and see your content. You need to have a brief yet attractive title.

2. Embed your videos in as many different sites as possible.

Internet users usually visit different sites every day. Thus, having your videos in many different sites that users usually visit can help you attract their attention. You need to find ways to be noticed.

3. Make your video creative.

It also takes creativity to win the attention of your viewers. That’s why it is highly advisable for you to hire an expert in video editing or master it first-hand. Making your videos creative and suitable for the ‘modern viewers’ will definitely work. 

4. Produce high-quality videos.

Obviously, nobody would be interested in watching low-quality videos.

5. Solicit feedback from your viewers.

YouTube users are expressive enough for you to know what they think about your content. So, asking them to comment on your video will help you analyze the things that you need to maintain and improve.

6. Be patient.

You need to be patient with the whole process of creating the video, dealing with any kind of comments, and trying to increase YouTube viewers. If you want your video to be really effective, then try and try until you succeed.

7. Watch popular videos and learn from them.

Through this, you may be able to feel what is it being like a viewer. So, make use of your own evaluation and apply it to your own video. Try to put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and see what you can do to increase your YouTube views.

8. Branding is important.

This is your way to show how unique your content is as compared to others. Have something that your YouTube viewers will easily remember.

9. Insert your logo and your URL into your videos.

For viewers to notice your logo or URL, embed them into your videos. This way, your website will get a chance to be visited by your viewers.

10. Make your videos short.

Most YouTube viewers have a short attention span in watching videos. As much as possible, limit your clips to 1-2 minutes only.

The Importance of Driving Traffic from YouTube

Creating an official YouTube Channel for your blog is a great way to strengthen your social media marketing. Your YouTube videos will serve as your video page of your content. Knowing that YouTube has millions of visitors every day, the chance to increase your YouTube views is really considerable. Most internet users watch online video ads. Some of them usually make further actions like searching for more information after watching the videos.

Driving Huge Traffic Increases YouTube Views

Working to produce high-quality and effective videos on YouTube is an effective way to drive huge traffic that may increase YouTube views. So, following these ten tips may help you achieve the huge traffic that you need for your business. The more views you get, the bigger the chance of making your viewers as your potential customers. Again, this needs a lot of patience and perseverance. Since generally, it is not easy to attract a customers’ attention. It needs the kind of uniqueness that will satisfy the modern and millennial customers.

Katherine Lane is a Content Marketing Expert for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on YouTube Marketing — how to boost YouTube views. With her expertise, she understands the essence and importance of such. Thus, integrating her skills in the field of content writing to help individuals and businesses that are into YouTube niche. You can follow her on Twitter .


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