Guest Post: Advantages of Starting Your Writing Career During Retirement

By Mariah

During a long lifetime, more than one much anticipated event will have been a disappointment. Retirement can prove to be the biggest disappointment of all. In fact, a study in the UK revealed 40% of retirees became clinically depressed, while 60% suffered from declining health.

Retirees are Uniquely Qualified to Write

What many retirees miss is the structure provided by a job and the sense of making a contribution. Starting a traditional small business, however, typically requires a large capital investment and very long hours. Even those with substantial retirement assets or recipients of a large life insurance settlement are generally reluctant to risk their savings.

The most important investment a retiree makes in a writing career is time. You possess a writer’s most indispensable attribute—life experience.

  • You’ve been there, done it, and gotten the t-shirt.
  • You’ve experienced success and failure.
  • You’ve discovered what really matters in life and what doesn’t.
  • You’ve acquired in-depth knowledge of more than one industry, whether through prior work experience or as a hobby.
  • And, unlike your grandkids who sleep with their phones, you know that “you” is spelled with three letters.

The Advantages of a Writing Career for Retirees

There are few late-life career opportunities as ideally suited to retirees as writing.

  • Set your own schedule—stay as busy as you choose.
  • Write in your area of expertise or expand your boundaries and learn something new.
  • Keep your brain active (very important for maintaining mental health).
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your words in print.
  • Earn extra money.

Tips on Getting Started as an Author

  • Take a writing course at a local community college or online.
  • Learn to outline.
  • Improve your online research skills. This Google summary on refining search queries is helpful.
  • Write website content such as blogs, articles, and product descriptions. Learning about SEO and online marketing will be helpful.
  • Write a book. You can publish on Amazon and similar websites for free and earn a royalty. You’ll need to market your work to maximize your income.

Many retirees have discovered writing is a fulfilling, creative second career. You’re never too old to learn something new. Who knows, you might find yourself at the top of the best seller list!


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