Guest Post: Social Commerce For Indie Authors

By Josh Wardini

Regardless of whether you are writing about your own blog or as a freelancer, we recommend joining all social media platforms. Even if you don’t plan on using them right away. It’s also important in case you want to have a good username when you do decide to use a platform.

But joining a social media platform is one thing, and trying to maintain and grow your presence there is another. There are plenty of ways you can use the different platforms and increase the number of your followers and fans. And today, we are here to help you do just that with some useful tips and tricks.

You don’t want to annoy your fans with constant promotion of whatever it is you’ve been working on, so you can just brand your Facebook page or Twitter profile with a unique cover photo design to create awareness. So whenever someone likes your Facebook page, you are going to increase the likelihood of that photo appearing in their friends’ News Feed. And it’s also going to pop up every time you update it.

Thanks to the various features that these popular social media platforms have, you can promote anything you want or further promote the posts you publish via targeted ads.

Most platforms let you target ads to a fine-tuned audience, based on the preferences that users have expressed there. This lets you advertise yourself to the people interested in your content. And because these ads are so targeted, you’re not going to end up spamming anyone or advertising to an irrelevant audience.

Finally, you can also pin the most important updates to the top of your page and profile. This means that anyone who will visit your profile is going to see this content first, before anything else.

When posting content, it’s also important to stick to the 80/20 rule on social media. That means that 80% of your content should drive engagement with interesting, fun, educational, or otherwise helpful content. And the rest 20% can be self-promotional. That’s why pinned posts are a great way around this rule. You only need to post the content once, and then just pin it, for higher visibility.

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