Becoming an Authorpreneur: Resources for Creating and Selling Online Courses

By Ter-burg (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Ter-burg (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Creating an online course is a great learning experience, and another way that authors can potentially earn income. Currently I have two courses for sale, on how to make ebooks. One is on Udemy and the other on Skillshare. It’s been a great experience teaching these courses, and now I’m looking into making a course about dinosaurs, to complement my I Know Dino podcast.

As usual, I’ve been collecting links. Below are some helpful resources about creating, marketing, and selling online courses. Best of luck!

Researching Topics for Online Courses

  1. 30 Proven, Profitable Course Topics in Fringe, Weird Niches You’ve Never Heard Of” on Femtrepreneur
  2. 2016 Learning Trends” on Udemy
  3. How To Create A Profitable Online Training Course” on The Creative Penn
  4. How to Tell if Your Idea for an eBook or Course Is a Profitable One” on ProBlogger

Tools for Creating Content

  1. Articulate
  2. GoAnimate
  3. Tools” on Leading the Learning Revolution
  4. VideoScribe
  5. Swipe
  6. Quizlet
  7. Top Tools for Learning
  8. Tutorial: How to Use Screenflow to Create Beautiful Slide Content” on Teachable
  9. The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use” on The Verge

Platforms for Selling Online Courses

  1. 8 Things You Can do With Teachable + Zapier to Take Your Online Courses to the Next Level” on Teachable
  2. Coursmos
  3. Easy Generator
  4. EdLoud
  5. Udemy
  6. Skillshare
  7. Teachable
  8. Ruzuku
  9. WizIQ

Launching an Online Course

  1. Course Launch Collateral: All The Things You’ll Make For Your Launch” on Femtrepreneur
  2. Six Steps to a Successful Presale” on Teachable
  3. How to Price Your Online Course” on Teachable
  4. The Definitive Guide to Online Course Design (That Adapts to You!)” on Teachable
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Online Course” on Teachable
  6. Double Up! 25 Ways to get 25 Students” on Udemy
  7. How David Travis got 300+ paying students into his Usability course in 30 days” on Udemy
  8. Pastry Chef Marco Ropke Becomes Udemy Bestseller in 7 Days” on Udemy

Marketing and Selling Online Courses

  1. 13 Cheap & Easy Methods to Market Your Course with Online Communities” on Teachable
  2. 21 Ways To Make Your First Online Sale Explained” on Teachable
  3. DIY: Online Education as Book Marketing” on Publisher’s Weekly
  4. How Flaunting Your Flaws Can Attract More Students to Your Online Course” on Teachable
  5. How to Attract an Avalanche of New Students for Your Next Course Using SlideShare” on Teachable
  6. How To Sell Online Courses” on Wild Audience
  7. My 8-Step Process for Writing Sales Page Copy” on Amanda Genther
  8. Pinterest Marketing For Online Courses” on Teachable
  9. Tutorial: How to Allow Your Users to Purchase Courses as Gifts” on Teachable
  10. Earn More from Your YouTube Channel—Turn Your YouTube Channel into a Sales Machine” on Udemy

Engaging Your Students

  1. Automation Meets Gamification: Maximizing Your Course Engagement” on ConvertKit
  2. Create an Online Course Your Students Will Love” on Teachable
  3. Strategies for Getting Course Customers to Take Action” on Smart Passive Income
  4. Instructor Innovation Awards on Udemy

Monetizing More Content

  1. 6-figure Blogging: How to Monetize A Blog Video Course (in 30 days)” on Sumo
  2. How to Increase Your Revenue With Upsells” on Teachable

More Advice for Making Online Courses

  1. How To Make A Million Dollars In 21 Days Selling An Online Course With Amy Porterfield” on My Wife Quit Her Job
  2. Behind the Scenes, Expert Edition: Your #1 Course Creation Challenge” on Ruzuku
  3. Case Study: How Lee Wasilenko Launched his Online Course” on Teachable
  4. Data Says: You Should Create an Online Course” on Teachable

Trends in Education and Teaching

  1. A Sharing Economy Where Teachers Win” on New York Times
  2. No More Pencils, No More Books” on Slate
  3. Harvard goes all in for online courses” on Boston Globe
  4. Cutting the Strings: MOOCs and the Unbundling of Online Education” on MOOC News & Reviews
  5. edX
  6. Facebook Helps Develop Software That Puts Students in Charge of Their Lesson Plans” on New York Times
  7. Global Virtual Classroom
  8. Gutenberg Technology Acquires Neodemia” on Publisher’s Weekly
  9. Inside the Classroom of the Future” on Publishing Perspectives
  10. Learn alongside innovators, thought-by-thought, in context” on O’Reilly
  11. Curious
  12. ZSRx: The MOOC that wasn’t a MOOC” on ZSR Library
  13. Nicenet

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on February 23, 2017.


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