Guest Post: Why Instagram Stories Is A Big Plus For Businesses

By Alex Slichnyi

Social media is one of the biggest trend-setters in the society today. Every day, millions of people all around the world log onto platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep themselves updated about various subjects.

Instagram is perhaps the hottest social media platform right now. A staggering 300 million users visit it every day. Its visual nature makes it indispensable to many users, and the effect was only enhanced with the advent of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories was launched in 2016, and it became a hit over the past two years. Many considered it a petty response to Snapchat’s story. However, it has morphed into a feature with its own identity and importance.

Today, there are over 250 million active users of Instagram Stories. On average, users younger than 25 spend 32 minutes a day on Instagram with a large chunk of that time devoted to Instagram Stories. It didn’t take long for businesses to realize that Instagram Stories could be hugely beneficial.

Humans respond quickly to visual stimuli. Many big brands, such as Nike, Mac, Gucci, Samsung and Apple, use Instagram Stories to promote their products. Overall, 33% of the most popular Instagram Stories each day come from businesses.

Interestingly, 20% of Instagram Stories posted by businesses often result in a direct message from prospective customers. With 1 in 3 Instagram users admitting to viewing stories every day, the audience is there for businesses to harness.

A brand not using Instagram Stories can be left behind by the competition. Instagram Stories has provided a new way for businesses to boost their visibility.

Last year, Instagram went as far as adding Stories to its explore page. This means that even users who don’t follow a business page can find content relating to the business.

Additionally, the use of hashtags and geolocation has made things easier for businesses. Users can now search for hashtags and are provided with content in their locale via the explore page.

The infographic contains more information on how different brands and businesses are using Instagram Stories and some interesting stats about this increasingly popular Instagram’s product.

You can see the infographic at

Alex Slichnyi, community manager at, is an avid learner of all things IT. He is a savvy SEO specialist who loves traveling because it allows him to experience hands-on the many facets of life. This hands-on approach can be seen in his work, which is meticulously crafted with daring vision by an open, yet methodical mind that likes to probe, test and improve. Communicating and learning are Alex’s core values that drive him forward.


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